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Meet The OWNER
Tuscany's Buonamico

september 27th

Wine barrel head with the words "Buonamico x Alpino 9.27.23 Wine Tasting"

Join us al fresco as we welcome the owner of Tenuta del Buonamico for a review of their estate wines from the Tuscan region of Italy.


The Buonamico Estate is set southwest of Montecarlo.
The winery was founded by renowned restaurateurs from Turin in the early 1960s, with the purpose of furnishing their restaurant with Montecarlo wines.
Today the Estate, owned by the Fontana Family, has expanded in terms of both vineyards and wine cellar. While preserving the essential characteristics of a traditional winemaking style, “Buonamico” has now become one of the Montecarlo’s leading wine producers.

6:00PM - 8:00PM


reception style



Aperitivo Style Bites


Endive boat, herbed ricotta and comté mousse, apple relish

Focaccia with 'Nduja, parmigiano reggiano, oregano

Sourdough crostini, flank steak tagliata, cherry tomato vinaigrette, arugula

Panna cotta parfait

Raclette station

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