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Throughout the alpine region, people gather in small towns to celebrate the safe return home of beloved farmers and their livestock before the long winter. Farmers dress in traditional costume to descend the mountains accompanied by goats, sheep and cattle flaunting oversized cow bells and elaborate flower crowns. Once arrived at the lower fields, farmers, townsfolk, and livestock alike come together for a much needed rest over traditional food and drinks, and of course more drinks.


the mission

We aim to cultivate a communal atmosphere centered around high-quality food, made simply, and paired with excellent wine, music, and hospitable service.


Heritage, tradition, simplicity.


Our menu is inspired by ingredients sourced from hills, fields, rivers, and streams. Such mountain landscape provides yearlong diversity in agriculture be it fresh farmed, preserved, or sourced. This includes indigenous herbs and flowers, wholesome farmed animals, wild game, and river fish, each providing a wholesome, quality-driven, sustainable meal. 

The Culture

the culture

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We strive for an environment where everyone feels a connection to the brand, through kindness, collaboration, and action. 

A place where every opinion is respected via an open-door policy to communicate ways to improve our operations and environment.  

We hire a diverse group of talented individuals and create growth for those willing to contribute positively to our mission statement. 

We embrace a community of one where everyone has an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. 

the values

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Source or produce ingredients in the most earth-friendly and humane ways.

Import indigenous products from regions surrounding the Alps.


Price-conscious to accommodate those in the community.



Create an environment that welcomes everyone through friendly interactions.

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